Blue Water Metering, Inc
A Utility Submetering Installation Company


Blue Water Metering is a full service submetering installation and service company. We offer many service to best fit your specific need.

Blue Water Metering is a full service installation company that can provide turn key solutions.
  • Retrofits- Retrofits is the installation of submeters on existing properties. This usually requires some extensive work to accommodate the meter.
  • New Construction- Installation of submeters during the construction process the most efficient and cost effective form of submetering.
  • Conversions- Upgrading old and antiquated systems to the latest technology can increase the accuracy of the bills and reduce maintenance cost.
  • Self Installations- For those who want to purchase the equipment and install it using their own personnel for the installation.
Just like anything else, submetering systems need routine maintenance to keep them performing at their most efficient. We can service and repair most submetering sytems that are out there.
We can provide consulting services on your current system, submetering feasibility, or consulting on your current installations.
We provide many products relating to submetering and no order or project is to small. Check our products page for some of the items we offer.
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